Thule roof bars by the peter bowman towing centre

Thule Roof Bars from the Peter Bowman Towing Centre

Hi there! Are you looking for roof bars? If you are then you have certainly come to the right place. At the Peter Bowman Towing Centre we have a huge range of Thule roof bars for a wide range of vehicle make and models. Thule are a premium roof bar manufacturer, renowned for their high quality, durable and versatile products.

The Peter Bowman Towing Centre offer a range of services, from towbar fitting to caravan servicing, as well as stocking and selling Thule roof bars. As our range of services is broad, we want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to find the exact product they are looking for, and provide a result they are 100 percent satisfied with, and so we set up this site.

Finding the Correct Roof bar

When you choose a roof bar, it’s important that you select the correct roof bar for the make and model of your car. Head here to visit our roof bar guide to find a selection of roof bars suitable for your vehicle

Thule Square Bars

The cheapest of the Thule range, the square roof bar is a go to choice for many; an affordable but high quality solid steel roof bar. The Thule Squarebar is a great choice for any ones first roof bar, perfect for shorter journeys or less frequent use. The Thule square bars are made from solid steel, coated in a durable black plastic, for a sleek, unobtrusive look that will complement all car colours. The square bar is also compatible with a variety of Thule load carrying accessories. The thule square bar is a popular choice for families.
Thule square bar 763 roof bar
Thule square bar - Thule roof bar 762
Thule square bars - thule roof bar 761
Thule square bars - thule roof bar 760

Thule Wing Bars

Thule wingbars
The Thule wing bar not only looks sleek and modern, but its innovative aerodynamic design with airplane technology cuts through the air whilst diffusing loud noise and helping to minimize the need for extra fuel consumption. Thule wing bars are also equipped with T-tracks, which easily allow extra loading accessories to be added to the roof bars. So whether you’re planning a family trip to the beach, or an activity packed weekend of water sports with your kayak in toe, you’ll have no problem loading the car for your travels. Thule wing bars are available in either silver or black, both are colours that will complement a rainbow of car colours. We highly recommend the Thule wing bar if you love to take regular trips that require a lot of cargo.

Thule Slidebars

Thule slide bars are a fantastic roof bar for those who enjoy an active lifestyle. The bars slide out on either side of the car, so theres no need to reach over when loading heavy cargo, then, once you reach your destination and it’s time to unload your roof rack, simply slide out the bars once again, and away you go! We highly recommend Thule slidebars for anyone in need of an easy to load roof bar, particularly if you own a tall, large vehicle, or are involved in activities that require transporting larger, heavier equipment.
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